jimbaran seminyak ubadu Nordbali canggu Tabanan

Bali Trekking - Spectacular Mountain Trekking

Following the hidden path of rural Bali, we invite you to explore a nearly untouched part of the island of the Gods. Enjoy breathtaking views and learn more about the sustainable development or rural, poor villages in northern Bali.

High up in the mountain villages of Muntigunung on the slopes of holy Gunung Agung, we were touched by people living a much less privileged life than most. We feel fortunate to have found a way to support pool local families generate income by taking visitors on this beautiful trek.

We chose a moderate route that will take you from the mountain down the hillside villages through wild vegetation on the top to the dry coastline of northern Bali.

Accommodated by an experienced local guide and villagers, you will enjoy a part of this island that most Balinese don’t even know about. Learn about the diverse climate and vegetation while enjoying the quietness of the remote area and rare views of Lake Batur and the Indian Ocean at the same time.

By lunchtime, relax near the beach and enjoy a delicious meal before heading back to your villa or hotel.

Route From your villa / hotel in the south or Ubud by car to Songan. Trekking to Muntigunung followed by lunch on the north coast.
Duration This is an all day trip. Moderate hiking for guests in good physical condition. Not recommended for children under the age of ten.
Ubud – Songan: approx. 1 ¼ hours by car
South of Bali – Songan: approx. 2 hours by car
Trekking: approx. 4 hours including frequent breaks
North coast back to Ubud: approx. 2 hours by car
North coast back to South Bali: approx. 2 ¾ hours by car
Departure from
your villa / hotel
Around 6 AM; Returning in the late afternoon.
Important Light jacket, sun protection, closed shoes
Price from Ubud 2 guests: IDR 800'000 each
3 & 4 guests: IDR 650'000 each
, (more than 4 guests price on request)
Price from South Bali 2 guests: IDR 900'000 each
3 & 4 guests: IDR 750'000 each
(more than 4 guests price on request)

Price includes drinks, snacks, lunch and transportation
Contact Reservations via Email or in Bali directly:
Tanja Schwiefert. Telephone 081 337 412 192

With your participation you directly support the projects of ‚Verein Zukunft fuer Kinder’, Yayasan Masa Depan Untik Anak Anak, the Swiss-Indonesian non-profit organisation, which helps the people of Muntigunung to improve their living conditions long-term by providing water catchment systems and enabling them to generate sustainable income.

Bali Style Villas acts as a social entrepreneur and does not make any profit from this trekking.

Further details on the work of ‘Verein Zukunft fuer Kinder’ under www.zukunft-fuer-kinder.ch.

Thank you for your support!